SAP B1 Solution

SAP B1 Solution

About SAP Business One

SAP Business one is an affordable and easy-to-use business management software  solution designed specifically for small and midsize enterprises  (SME’s). It enables you to manage critical business functions in a single integrated business management system.

SAP Business One provides you with instant access to your critical business information, when you need it, to run your business. This comprehensive application covers all your core operations, giving you keen insight so you can confidently make informed business decisions. With SAP Business One, virtually all aspects of your business – including administration, operations, customer relationship management, distribution, and financials.

Designed specifically for small businesses, the SAP business one application provides a single, affordable solution for managing your entire business with greater clarity, from financials to sales to customer relationships to inventory. it helps you streamline end-to-end operations, gain instant access to complete information, and accelerate profitable growth.

Key Features

  • Accounting and financials – manage your general ledger, journals, budgets, and accounts receivable and payable
  • Sales and customer relationship management – manage the entire sales process from first contact to closing the sale and from customer data management to after-sales support
  • Purchasing and operations – control the entire procurement process
  • Inventory and distribution – manage inventory across multiple warehouses and locations, and track and record stock movements
  • Reporting and administration – create, manage, and distribute reports that improve transparency and decision making across the business

Business Benefits

  1. Increase revenue 
    Fast and easy access to real-time information anywhere in the system helps you identify new sales opportunities, bring new products to market quickly and provide business-building levels of customer support and service.
  2. Reduce cost 
    Say goodbye to costly multiple upgrades and recurring customisation efforts to maintain system compatibility when you add new functions.
  3. Improve customer relationship
    Integral customer relationship management arms your team with relevant company-wide data for stronger sales and support to enhance customer satisfaction.
  4. Get clearer, instantaneous insights
    Utilise up-to-the-minutes dashboards to deliver revealing snapshots of key performance indicators, for unprecedented day-to-day control.
  5. Get proactive business critical alerts
    SAP Business One features the most powerful proactive business alert system ever developed for small and midsize enterprises.
  6. Improve efficiency
    One centralized data repository dramatically boosts and efficiency by providing the right information to the right people and eliminating redundant entry.