IT 專業方案

IT 專業方案

Asian TAT provided below IT solutions which can help to make your daily operation smooth:

Network and System Management Solution

Operation effectiveness and efficiency of a network is a collective result of good network and system management in various areas. The diligent reviewing, planning, administering and monitoring of network resources are critical.

  • System & network design, consultation, implementation and maintenance
  • System enhancement services
  • System Upgrade services
  • Server consolidation and virtualisation
  • Server performance tuning
  • Application monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Active directory and exchange solution services
  • Data migration and system relocation services

Storage and Backup Solutions

Data is a critical business asset while network services are essential to the business operation of a corporation. Disaster can happen any time when there is vulnerable control. Pro-active planning, protection and recovery of network resources and services must be considered.

  • Storage resource management
  • Storage and backup implementation services
  • Virtualization storage solution
  • File and document backup management

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Data represents the intellectual capital contributed by all employees in a company day after day, year after year. It is the most valuable asset to a business. Due to the maturity of e-business and the large size of data that could be retrieved from sophisticated application software, an immense volume of data is generated.

Storage Area Network (SAN) is the answer to the problem. It is a leading infrastructure with the storage devices and servers connected through a high speed fibre channel. The centralisation of the storage makes the data easy to manage. Different operating systems can send data to SAN without bothering which physical storage is actually involved.

In order to ensure business continuity and efficiency for our customers, Asian TAT provides a total solution on Storage Area Network.

Secure Remote Access Solution

Reliable remote access is now a mission-critical initiative for both large and small businesses.

The need to access company data from all remote locations including virtual office, home, hotel, internet café, etc. through the internet has dramatically increased. Secure Remote Access Solution is a highly secure, simple to implement, easy to maintain and scalable solution that fits into your existing network infrastructure. This solution protects the confidentiality and integrity of data as it traverses the network, and at the same time authenticates and authorises users to access that data.

  • Remote access management
  • Citrix VSG and ANG solution
  • IPSec / SSL VPN and access management
  • Microsoft terminal server solution

Archiving and Disaster Recovery

With the increasing application and use of e-mail system over time, people tend not to erase old emails from their mailbox. Without proper backup, the system can unfortunately crash due to the overloading of the structure.

We can help to solve the email storage problem for your company – no matter how large or small. We have handled from 10 to over 1,000 email users and those located in different sites around Asia and the world. And we can present an archiving and back-up solution for your company.

One of our many precepts – is our customer service – whether in person or over the phone. We ensure that your company’s emails are preserved and safely archived.

  • Email archiving
  • Recovery planning and implementation

Business Continuity Solution

Business continuity is important for every enterprise to ensure uninterrupted connection of company system and data. Your system should be available for every single day with minimal downtime. Asian TAT can offer the most suitable high availability and disaster recovery solution for your needs.

  • Load balancing
  • High availability (HA)
  • Disaster recovery (DR)

Security Solutions

Asian TAT is equipped to install secure firewalls and internet security to ensure your company’s data is safe from hackers, computer attacks and viral intrusions.

  • Network and email security solution
  • Cisco, H3C or barcode network total solution
  • UTM (VPN, anti-spam, anti-virus, IPS) firewall solution, such as Fortinet
  • End point security and data encryption
  • Email and data encryption

Hardware Solutions

IT equipment procurement is a highly complex business activity – customer’s need to meet the requirements of different departments while controlling costs. Customers of our maintenance plan may seek short term IT requirement rental to meet their business needs . Asian TAT’s professional service meets your needs for hardware and IT equipment in various ways:

  • IT equipment procurement service
  • Degaussing service
  • IT equipment rental service
  • IT equipment relocation service
  • Hardware maintenance service

Communication Solutions

A high speed information system and a comprehensive communication network are indispensable to newly developed or relocated companies. We therefore sharpen our focus on minimizing disruption to your business operations during your office relocation by developing a reliable information and communication network, so that the normal network operation of your company can resume in the shortest time. Our services include:

  • VOIP
  • PBX/Web Phone Deployment
  • Video Conference Solution
  • Telephone system
  • Audio visual equipment and system comprehensive services